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Divorce problem/ Talaq k masail ka hal:

Kia ap apni shadi shuda zindagi sa pareshan hain? or ap ka khanwand ap k sath khush nhi hai? ya wo kisi dosri orat mai dilchspi leny lag gya hai? Apko dar hai k kahin wo apko chor na day? or agr apki bivi ap sa aledhgi chahti hai or ap asa nhi krna chahty to aiy hum sa  Talaq/Divorce k masail k liy istikhara karwaiy. 

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What is Divorce Problem?

Divorce is a significant problem because many people want to split (divorce) their partners. They do not know how to go about it. Many issues may arise if you do not know how to handle the situation. This article will enlighten you on what divorce is and how to take it. The divorce problem refers to the issues that arise when a married couple decides to end their marriage. Issues like child custody and support, alimony, and property division all become problems when you attempt to dissolve your marriage. At times it is more than one person can deal with on their own.

Families are frequently basic structures. Natives, families, groups, societies, and nations can all be created. Divorce is not always an accepted practice in all faiths in the world. On a global level, divorce trends are increasing steadily and regularly. It is a very worrying situation for the survival of the family system. Divorce can affect their well-being, and a lot of experience despair, loneliness, isolation problems, or other mental illnesses.

When you are planning to divorce your partner

When you are planning to divorce your partner, there are essential things that you should consider. First of all, you should separate yourself from your partner before you make any decision about divorce so that one of you can have enough time to think calmly without letting emotion get in the way. You need time apart to think about what actually happened and whether or not you really want a divorce or if maybe this was just a fight or something that you can work out with your partner. If you think this could be an ongoing issue that could cause more damage in your relationship, you should try talking to your partner calmly and see if they will agree with your side and let bygones be bygones.


Effects of Divore

Divorce is a big problem in the world. It’s hard on both people and children. The divorce problem has been around for a long time, and many things have been tried to try to fix it, but no one knows how to really make it better. The divorce problem is an issue because it has always been so common and there is no solution. Divorce is also hard because it affects people in different ways. Some people think that divorce is easy and that anyone can do it, but that’s not true.

Lots of people who have gotten divorced will tell you that getting a divorce is not fun and that you should never get a divorce unless you absolutely have to. It’s also hard for children because they don’t understand what is going on and they get confused about why their parents are getting a divorce. Sometimes couples fight a lot before they get a divorce, but once they do, the fighting stops.

Truble with divorce

Divorce is not always an easy road, even for people who are prepared for it. Many couples find that they have trouble carrying out the necessary steps towards a divorce such as filing for the divorce, contacting an attorney and drafting out the required paperwork.

Many people also find that they have trouble making arrangements for things like child custody and support as well as paying for their legal fees. Additionally, once the divorce has been completed there are many people who find that they are still not able to move beyond their divorce and continue with life normally because of issues involving finalizing their divorce or issues involving their children which have yet to be resolved.


A divorce is never a happy time for anyone. No one walks into their marriage with the intention of wanting to get a divorce, but it happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives. The divorce problem can be caused by many things.

Some people blame their parents or childhood for causing them to have issues in their marriage. This is never as simple as it seems though. It is quite possible that it may not have been your fault that you ended up getting divorced. You can never truly blame anyone else for what has happened to you in life, because we are all responsible for ourselves.

There are two different types of people when it comes to divorce. There are people who end up getting divorced because they are unhappy with the way things are going, and there are those who end up getting divorced because they want something better than what they already have. There is nothing wrong with wanting something better than what you already have. If you find yourself unhappy with your current situation, then it may be best to look elsewhere for happiness instead of trying to make things better where you already were.

Best Pray to stop divorce

Dua to stop divorce is a powerful method to stop your divorce. In case you are going through a divorce, perform this dua for stoping divorce for 3 days. You may perform it for as many times as you can. It is advisable to perform it in the morning or evening time. The duas to stop divorce are extremely effective and proven to work if you are on the verge of getting divorced. There is a high possibility that your spouse will come back to you if you pray and recite these dua frequently. The best thing about this dua is that you need not be sad or depressed because he/she has left you. You should focus on your future with hope and happiness that this effective dua will help you get out of this situation soon.


When you feel like you are about to go through with your divorce. “Allah, I have come to You with a problem which has no solution except Your decision in it. O Allah, if You keep me and my family together in this world, then we will be thankful to You and if You separate us, then I will thank You too, as it is Your order.” When you want your spouse back after he/she leaves you. “O Allah! I ask you for goodness in my life, for goodness in what I do, for goodness in how I feel, for blessings on what I eat and drink; and for goodness in how my children

The first thing you need to do is remove all the negative feelings you have towards your spouse. You both are in a relation so it is necessary that you should have love, respect, care and trust for each other. As soon as you get up every morning start seeing yourself as a happy person with a positive attitude towards life. Even if it seems impossible at first, keep trying until you succeed in doing so. Start reading the holy Quran regularly and try to make this habit of reading it daily as much as possible.

This will open new dimensions of your life which are unknown to you till now and will help you stay away from all the negative thoughts related to your relationship with your. 

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