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Divorce Problem

Marriage is an enchanting connection of continuance, care, love, and bait between two accomplices that embellish the connection with trust. Connection and fight in a relationship is a common thing, yet it is well till them it is in limit.

Court Issue

It is best to stay away from any unwanted and unnecessary fights before it comes to court. The good practice to solve any issue is to sit together and talk calmly and walk your way out together just by communicating with the other person.


We will provide the guideline for those getting fewer marks in exams due to lack of memory power. They struggle hard to memorize their lessons but still facing examination failure issue. We are going to help you in all possible ways. Contact Us.

Love Marriage

Free love marriage is the superb experience an individual could ever throughout everyday life. Quite is a lot more fortunate than to get hitched with the individual you cherish. The same number of individuals wish to do love marriage. We are going to suggest best.

Business Problem

Having and facing problems in life, whether personal or business is a part of human life. Business problems today are widespread for business people, and they face a lot of setbacks and unnatural and unexpected results that are not beneficial to the business and are totally in loss

Online Istikhara

ONLINE ISTIKHARAS Looking for authentic information on Istikhara and other Islamic matters? You have landed at the right place. Online Istikharas is your one-stop place to get reliable, authentic information on various matters, including Istikhara, related to Islam. Different people have different beliefs

Ism e Azam

There are lots of blessings in the great names of God (Ism e Azam) which descend upon those whose faith is pure. Everyone wants to get the approval of Pray by the reference of Ism e Azam but can’t get the actual Benefits due to lack of belief. Reality is this, multiple spiritual blessings are hidden in each name

Kala Jadu ka Tor

Black magic is usually done with belonging of the person like his hair, clothes or something dear to him. Jinns are also assigned to get a personal belonging of the victim. Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasalam)’s hair was wrapped around a doll that started the black magic. From this, we can clearly find the assistance of magic.

Special Attention

Kala Jadu ka Tor

Sudden health problem without any reason behind A sudden tragedy like death or accident Even in an empty room, you feel like an invisible entity is following you Sudden financial losses without any logical reason Uncontrollable mood swings and behavioural changes Extreme stress and depression No survival of happiness

Rohani Wazaif

Wazifa ka urdu zuban main bohat se matlab hain, jesa ka pechay ana, rozana kam karna, roz marra parhnay ki dua. Isi tarhan wo har cheaz jo mukkarra wakat k liye hai, Jesay student ko lesson dayna daily ye bhi wazifa hai. humain ager retirement ka baad jo paisay miltay hain wo bhi wazifa hai, ye tamam chezain wazifa hain.